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This how to was orginally for a Saturn Ion3, 06 model, but will work with no problem for the G5 application.

Tools Needed:
1. Philips & flat head screwdrivers (different sizes)
2. Wire cutters & Wire Strippers
3. Lighter or heat gun
4. Electrical tape or shrink tubing (1/8" and 1/4")
5. Socket to fit battery terminal and grounding bolt
6. Ring terminals and a buch of other various connectors
7. Full amplifier wiring kit
8. LOC (Line-out converter)
9. double stick tape or zip ties
10. Soldering equipment, if you should choose to solder connections.

Degree of Dificulty:
*5 out of 10* (Depending on how flexible you are to squeeze into the trunk)

Here it goes:

I started with the LOC hook up, taking the wire cutters, I snipped the speaker wire and spliced into them with the grey wiring shown in the pic, matching the + & - wires with the same markings, ie: solid color vs. solid with stripe. I then made sure they were good and tightly connected before using the 1/8" shrink tubing I got to make it neat and tidy. I used black electrical tape to cover it all up to look "stock"-ish, lol.

Moving on!
I took male and female plug terminals and crimped them onto the respective wires on the LOC, the next pic shows you what I mean. Again, everything was shrink tubed and made clean looking.

Next, I tackled the battery. :shock:
This next pic shows you the power hook up via the + batt terminal and heavy gauge wire with in line fuse good for 50 amps! I used a 7mm socket on the + batt terminal, for those who don't know the size. ;)

Next was the amp ground and LOC ground. I used the 13mm socket to take off the incredibly tight ground bolt. The metal it was attached to was a bit flimsy, I suggest counter ballancing the torque of the rachet when doing this, or the metal might bend all over. This pic shows you where I hooked it all up.

Next line of business was, to run the remote wire to the rear aux power jack! WOO!
*A side note: If you deside to fish the wire under the carpet to the rear aux jack like I did, unless you have really small hands, unlike me, use a coat hanger to overcome the offset of the console.

After you fished the wire through, take the rear aux jack dongle off with a bit of pressure on the tab shown.

The next thing I did was separate the + lead wire from the dongle with a tiny flat head screw driver, then wrapped the remote wire onto it. The next pics shows what I mean.

From there, all you need to do is hook up the RCA's to their designated spots on the amp and LOC, hook up your subs with speaker wire, assemble the rear aux jack and close up the arm console, then turn on your car power and crank the music.

This is what I did before I took these pics, the wire was on top of the carpet, bleh, looks like crap.

And this is what it looks like now...

It took a while with all the assembling and removing parts to show the install, but it was worth it, sounds great despite what some may think using the LOC is a great way to use an external amp and subs for less than $30.00 with all the materials I used.
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