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Hello there everyone~ :)

You can call me Zharr J.Wolf, thats the alias I go by. Its nice to meet all of you and Im happy to take part of being in this club.

I am a die-hard Pontiac lover and its been my most favorite brand in the world, so much that I even sold my BMW M5 for a Grand Prix base model.

I cannot see myself driving any other car that suits me better. The Pontiac Fire Arrow is like my trademark, everyone who knows me is reminded of me whenever they see a Pontiac driving down the street. I am also one of those people who would pay everything to bring this brand back to resurrection.

My first car was a Pontiac Sunfire in 2008 when I was 18. I drove that car for 5 years, someone busted the crap out of it before I had the chance to own it. So it wasnt in the BEST condition but still in excellent condition. (Previous owners, am I right?)

Point is, even though I got screwed at the dealership from my 1st car, I ended up returning the problematic 2001 Impala to them 7 days later. I feel like the car chose me, it was the one I test drove at the dealership and was interested in. Mom didnt approve, but honestly it was the only one that worked on the lot in the used car section. So it was kind of fate that I got stuck with it, even though I remember being 5 years old seeing a Pontiac Sunfire and I said "Ew what is that? God I hope i never have a car that ugly when I can drive." LOL!!!!

I didnt realize it till later after owning it when I was in pre-school seeing that bright red 1996 Sunfire 2-door. Seeing that I had a Black one later I realized it was the same car I called ugly. And at that point I felt bad, because I fell in love with it.

It was the most reliable car I ever had, never left me stranded, and I wish I could have held onto it. 2 years later when I found out that the car brand had sunk and was gone, I was devastated. I loved my car, and was excited to get the next, and I wished I hadn't traded it in for a 2010 Chevy Cobalt LT. It didnt feel right to me as I drove that car for a few years. I missed having that cool Arrow in the center of my steering wheel..

After that Cobalt car was in a crash in 2015, I then was given a BMW M5 for free because my sister didnt want it, which was nice, until it started leaving me stranded and dying at random, I decided to sell that thing and get myself a 07' Grand Prix base model.. had GT aspects to it, the 5-button tachometer, the buttons on the steering wheel, everything. Then unfortunate events began to befall me on the grand prix, first the deer crash, then the transmission blew after fixing it up, then the engine blowing a 2nd time. I still didnt care, I desperately tried to keep her alive and it broke my heart when I got put in a corner at the final day of the crash when someone cut me off in traffic. I cried and collapsed to have my Pontiac taken from me once again. Being without a car for about 6 months, I finally saved up just enough to buy a Pontiac G5 base model in late 2017.

I was lucky a few weeks ago on September 7th 2021 to find a RARE G5 with only 44K miles on it. GT, Black, Sun & Sound Package, and with the 2.4L Engine <3
What was more shocking was the dealer finding out I just paid the car off yesterday, 10 days later. LOL. I wonder how many people do that?

This car brand being disbanded was a huge mistake, and I keep praying for its return day by day.
I hate how some people call Pontiac a "Grandpa Car" and others give me looks of disappointment for the car I drive.
I say bullshit to that. Some people are blinded by the true value and nature that these cars stood for.

And God if I ever won the lottery or had all the money in the world, I would do everything in my power to bring this brand back.

I plan to become a Pontiac collector. And if possible, I plan to go into the auto industry as a master mechanic and engineer, then go into a business major.

And once I do that, I plan to devise my plans to bring Pontiac back. Yeah, yeah I hear everyone saying "Good luck" and "Fat-Chance" well ya know what? Im gonna try, even if I gotta devote my life to doing it. I wanna see Pontiac become its own brand away from GM and rip it from their ownership, never again to be brought to death like it was.

I join today to share my strong feelings and passion for Pontiac, and I want to stand along-side all of you and send a message to that Corporate office of GM showing that we want our favorite brand back!

These cars can return, and have a future, it just depends how hard you wanna fight for it. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
I think eventually those people will get the message down the road. I for one refuse to drive any other brand except Pontiac primarily. Unless of course its an off brand car that I will beat the crap out of and run it into the ground on purpose putting wear on it. As long as its not my Pontiac cars, I dont care for it.

Im a 31 year old guy working for a dealership as a mechanic, wishing constantly I was in a Pontiac Dealership and wishing that I had not been denied my future as a Pontiac engineer. My dream job was to create these cars, put them together, and design them. If I have to devote my life to trying to bring it back, then so be it.

I hope to be welcomed here with wide arms and I wanna see these old cars still keep outdoing these new cars of today.

We can still keep the heart of Pontiac alive, even if we gotta modify them and build them to be better.

These car companies are doing it all wrong today I say. I guarantee that as long as the Fire Arrow of Pontiac still burns brightly as the Phoenix on a Firebird, one day it shall return as long as everyone keeps driving them and keeping them all alive even 70 years into the future. Even if its not me, SOMONE will bring the brand back.

Cherish your Pontiacs, love them as equally.
For they will not last otherwise. Unless you fight hard to keep it on the road. Dont let your cars go to the junkyard. Nowadays its much CHEAPER to fix a car versus buy a new one! Would you rather spend almost 10 grand or more on a car? Or would you rather spend about 5 grand or less to keep that Pontiac going? (This is engine & tranny ballpark estimate)

Im going to hold onto my Pontiacs. I plan to make my silver Base model into a GT since you cannot find a low-mile G5 GT anywhere anymore. My silver one has just made 90K miles.

Its a base model, but not for long, Im gonna build on this thing and preserve it as much as I can, Im gonna make it a GXP.

As much as I wanna see it stock, honestly I wanna build it into something more. Nothing too crazy.

But I do plan to keep my eyes open on other low mile Pontiacs with good Trim level.

It sucks having a limited wallet when you see all of them in their glory and you want to get them but cannot..

Thats about all I have to say on that subject.
Im not sure what else to say about myself here. But hello and nice to meet all of you.

I own 2 G5's.

Both under 100K miles.

My cars are:
ORION - (Silver) Base Model, 2.2L, 90K miles original
RAVEN - (Black) GT Model, 2.4L, 44K miles original

Both of these vehicles belong to me and are paid off in full.

Nothing wrong with either of them, full service records all performed on time or early at Mileage Intervals.

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Wheel

Here's some advice as a mechanic to another, or any person really.. on how to preserve your cars under the hood~

Air Filter & Cabin Air filter - every 15K miles (or when dirty)
Brake Fluid Flush - every 20K miles (or when fluids black)
Fuel Induction & Injector cleanout - every 30K miles (to maintain gas economy and keep the system cleaned out)
Differentials & Transfer case fluid flush exchange (if you got AWD or RWD) - every 50K miles (to keep the drivetrain working fine)
Transmission Fluid Flush exchange - every 60K miles (or when the fluids browning)
Coolant Fluid Flush - every 75K miles
Power Steering Flush - every 75K miles (or when the fluid is brown)
Serpentine Belt replacement - every 75K miles (or when the belt is showing cracks)

Every car fluid wears out and becomes old like oil, it is a compound for making the vehicle work and needs changed just the same. So keep up with your vehicle so that way it wont be too much of a pancake stack later on :)


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Hey Zharr!!! Welcome to the Club! 👆 Thats some good advice there. I wish everyone followed it.

Obviously, I also own a G5 (have a build thread on here somewhere), but I also (currently) own a 1991 G92 optioned Trans Am convertible and a 2006 Brazen Orange Metallic M6 GTO. Up until a few weeks ago, I had a white G6 GT convertible, which had a GXP body kit on it...so you're in good (Pontiac) company!
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