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ok so i know and have read the thread where backpressure and exhause velocity is discussed.....but yesterday me and my friend put a muffler delete kit on his 08 GT mustang......needless to say it made it loud as hell......the kit claims to add 5 to 10 hp...whether those numbers are true or not we assumed it would add some hp....but when driving the car especially in 1 and 2 it feels like there is less TQ......not dyno'd of course but ur ass doesnt get pushed into the seat as much........so by removing the mufflers im assuming we decreased the back pressure because there is now less resistance but the exhaust should exit quicker i would think......anyway....the car seems to accelerate faster (in seconds) from 0 - 100 then it did before we took the mufflers off.

anyone who actuallys knows what they are talking about......what actually happened when we swapped the mufflers for str8 pipes......does a similar effect happen on a G5 when changing the exaust is removing resonator and muffler and putting in a 2.5 exhaust with only a resonator for sound.....is it going to feel like the car is any slower....i dont really mind if its quicker or not....but if my car felt any slower i would be kind of upset....i was going to be putting on Loudmouth II cat back singlye outlet fairly soon but now im scared of this feeling of a loss of power.

the thought did go through my mind that my 2.4 4cyl doesnt have nearly the amount of tq as a 4.6 v8 so this difference might not be as noticable as on a mustang lol

any info....thats accurate and isnt made up or your opinion would be greatly appreciated
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