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2007 Pontiac G5 Coupe
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In Canada that kind of rust is probably normal on used cars considering the amount of snow and salt they have on the roads. If I was you, I'd bring someone with more experience mechanically speaking and a OBD scan tool to check for codes. I would keep looking, at that price might be tempting but understand there might be issues with that, the dealer will then pass on to you. Hence the discounted price that was appealing to you in the first place.
It depends on where in Canada a bit too. In BC I don't think they actually salt the roads. Me looking at that without seeing the rest of the car makes me think it wasn't really taken care of.

Definitely check everything else over and go test drive it if possible. I do understand that it's OP's first car and he's excited about it but I just hope that it lasts.

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