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TCM issue. “Please help”

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I have a 2009 Pontiac g5. Car has 237,000 miles, car has ran good the whole time I’ve own it. I cut the Small catalytic converter off the car. It sat on jacks for two days and the battery ended up dying. I charged the battery enough to start the car and when I went to drive it I had no speedometer, wouldn’t shift out of first gear, then when it did it was a hard slamming shift, power was next to nothing. Power steering light has come on twice. I did everything I’ve heard about doing. I ran a ground wire from Tcm to the strut ground, cleaned every fuse possible, checked all my plugs, and connectors, and the car still won’t run correctly. What do i do? Someone please help me
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What are the codes?
the code is, I’m an idiot. After spending 4 days messing with the car I did one more final once over on it and realized the speed sensor wire that run to the bottom on the motor wasn’t plugged in. It looked as if it was, which is why I didn’t catch it the first 6 times. But I plugged it back in and the car is running damn good.
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