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traction control and check engine light

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Just wondering if anyone has had the traction control and check engine light come on at the same time?? (Type: 2006 Pursuit G5 GT)

Past couple of weeks both lights have been turning on causing shifts in the automatic tranny to jerk the car forward with a load thud...

Once the lights re-set the car goes back to normal.

Any ideas of what the problem is??

I haven't brought the car to the dealer yet because it's not under warrenty anymore.

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That's a tough one. Sorry I'm not any help, but I hope you get it figured out.

Welcome to the club!
yeah me either but also welcome to the site!
Thanks guys.. I'll keep looking.
Unless you're over 100k miles(or whatever that translates into in Canadian) you should still have a powertrain warranty.
Just hit 112000 km's-the vehicle warranty expired May 24th.
Check your battery connections first... If they're tight and it still persists, I'd suggest getting the codes read. I'm not sure if Canadian Tire reads your OBD for free like Autozone down here does.
i odly enough had that same problem a few months back. it like would do late revs and then jerk forward. and the traction control was off it kept saying. idk if thats related but i hit a bump really hard and then idk after a few days it went away and never came back. o_O
After getting a scan done

Anyone know the location of the Cam Shaft Alignment Sensor bank1 on a 2006 Pontiac Pursuit GT?
On the rear of the Head near the brake master cylinder.
Its held on with 1 bolt, I believe its 10mm wrench size.
mine did something similar to this when part of the intake came undone check that
Thanks guys... located the problem just waiting on the part to fix!
Have recently had exact same thing (just traction control light intermittently coming on with the jerking change of gears.) Did you ever get any info on cause / fix?
According to the former Pontiac dealer here, the TC will turn itself off (and make the light come on) based on an engine fault which causes rough running. Correcting the engine fault will clear the TC light.
Hi everybody glad to be part of this forum , i too have been having this problem for 1 full year now snd lately it has gotton really bad . I tried getting diagnostics but nothing showed up as the light wasnt on . The mechanic told me to come back when the tc light comes back on , he suspects something with some sensor connected to the transmission . Smurphette have you fixed the problem ? Any bit helps as the more i use my car the more my transmission is running to junk
was anyone able to fix the issue i have the same one and i haven't been able to find it for months
For anyone experiencing this issue, post your codes, they help.

Shot in the dark if you have CEL and Traction, check the wiring harness to the Transmission, its that big plug to the lower left of the ABS module. They have alot of movement and also happen to pass right next to the oil filter housing, and have been known to contact the housing and melting the wiring, allowing it to ground out when bare wires hit the housing. If you are throwing codes like P1801, P1806, ect then this is likely your culprit.
Check the harness and replace it if its damaged. Then attach it to the AC line than runs next to it with PVC/Electrical Tape or Zipties. If this doesn't solve the issue, you might be looking at a new Transmission.
And do a Fluid and Filter Change. There's no such thing as fluid thats 'good forever'
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