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I thought I would post this fix to a problem my daughter had with her 2007 G5. The car has 240,000km on it. While driving down the highway, the RPM gauge went up but the car slowed. She was able to get off the highway but could not get the car to move. She had reverse gear but nothing would move the car forward. It was towed to our house. There is no dipstick on this car so no way to check fluid levels from up top.

I searched several forums and found a single link to a youtube video. That video saved me a fortune as it appeared that a new transmission was the only solution.
Apparently the transmission, 4T45E, is prone to a defect on the forward clutch lube tube. The brazing of the tubing is faulty and cracks. The tubing to the reverse gear is still ok so that's why you have reverse but no forward. The part is available at around $100. And all you do is drop the pan, pull off the filter and the lube tubing is off with 3 or 4 screws.

Let others know to check this out if they have lost a gear. Here's a few links:

The youtube video on a Malibu Maxx


And the part is available:
ACDelco 24202349 GM Original Equipment 4T40E Automatic Transmission Forward Clutch Low and Reverse Band Lube Pipe
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