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Weekend Work - The 'Gremlin' Saga

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Got Gremlin out to my guy so we could do some work.

Oil n Filter
Trans Fluid n Filter & Fix Pan Dent
Front Calipers

Front Door Speakers
Fixing Antenna Cable
Repaint Rims
07 SS Rear Valance

Did fluids already. Will add more pics as we do stuff


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Calipers are done now


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Didnt get to any of the interior stuff this weekend, have to save it for next weekend when we do a custom exhaust system
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It's great people still do their own maintenance on their cars. I think it makes people more aware of how their car works....anyway! Good job on the car. The brakes do look really good. If you're BENT on fixing the trans pan yourself, that's good, but you can get a new one from Rock Auto for around $15 - $20. I assume you have an '07 with an automatic. The year doesn't matter much, but engine size should (I think)

2007 2.4 Litre

2007 2.2 Litre
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Yea I fixed it while we had it off. Just a few taps with a hammer. Just ordered most of the exhaust parts last night so we should have those ready this weekend or next
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So about that custom exhaust, here's a little teaser for my weekend project. Not the exact resonator I wanted but it'll do.


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Had the door panels off to do the speakers, decided to clean up the window switches. Can of Copper n a Can of Black
Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Bumper Automotive tire
Car Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire


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Got the Amp "wired" up to make sure we could pull from the stock connector.
Pin-out stolen from CSS for y'all
Left/Rear Subwoofer Speaker (-)

Left/Rear Subwoofer Speaker (+)

Right Subwoofer Speaker (-)

Right Subwoofer Speaker (+)
Hood Wood Shipping box Automotive exterior Bumper
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Got the antenna as well. Has some of the 913L I got to patch body spots mixed in with the Copper n Black.
Musical instrument Amber Guitar accessory Wood Material property
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Exhaust is postponed again, cant fab that over axle curve too easily so just gonna get another stock 2nd extension pipe and weld that in. Hopefully next weekend. Same with the amp, we need some other connections before we put it in.
All the switches simply pop out of the bezel. It would have saved you all the taping you did, but they still turned out great! Good job.
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Its ok, my mechanic taped em up for me before I sprayed em so I didnt have to worry about it xD. Ill have to take another pic once they've cured fully and I peel the tape
Exhaust is further postponed till after the holidays unfortunately, but I did order the pipe bend we needed
Got the exhaust piece, now just waiting for a free moment to go back out to my mechanic.
Ok, stupid questions time, cuz I have 2.
1: Does anyone know if and how to change the LEDs in the window switches? Mine are that weird green and I want to turn em Orange if I can. If not then would I be able to acetone the translucent parts and stain them orange, like how some people change their Gauges color?
2: Does anyone know the stock wattage of the Pioneer Amp to the Sub? I found somewhere that it might be 75W but they didn't seem sure. I need a Line Out Convertor to wire a different amp to the Sub I have. I havent checked the Amp specs since I got it from a good friend, so Idk if it could handle speaker level wattage.
Thx in Advance Guys n Gals
this is from another thread I replied to.
Changing the color of interior lights to red HOW TO??HELP

To do the window and lock buttons
you will need to take them out and
disassemble the switches to color them.
Its not hard, just take your time and be
You say you have 3m RED REFLECTIVE TAPE......
If its what I'm thinking its not what you need.
You'll need to use lens repair tape, it allows the light
to pass through it, reflective tape will not.

I did not use tape on my switches.
I removed the blue/green rubber on the bulbs and
I lightly painted the bulbs red, not to much paint.

I believe that if you use lens repair tape you can
put it on the backside where you see the symbol,
but do remove the blue/green cover on the bulb.

That help some ?
I used Duplicolor touch up paint bottle with brush.
I did one light coat was good for me,
might want to test it after a coat to see if it
is to your likings.

My paint job is perfect still and don't ever expect a problem.
Lens repair tape would be fine, I doubt it would come loose.
Its not like it creating a lot of heat there.
Three coats ?
blackmer826 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to.

Here is the message that has just been posted:
umm.. all of this bs about light rays and the sun doesnt do Shit for me on how to do the lights. i am trying to get help not learn about rays.

What more help do you need ?
I gave it and you chose to put 3 coats of paint on them
and now you're complaing that they are not bright enough ?????
I mean (not being bad here) how much light do you think is going
to pass through the paint if you put too much on ?

Not being a king here either but,
my 99 grand am had red lights from
the factory and during the day they did
have a tint of pink to them.
So do the ones on this car, but its
barely noticeable, but at night red as can be.
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Seems easy enough, ill have to get to it when I get a free moment. How hard would it be to replace the bulbs in the switches tho, I think I have a few out. Ik the HVAC n Dash Cluster isnt too hard, just dunno how similar it'd be since I've not opened em yet.
Also for the LOC from the stock sub wires into my amp n sub, I found the Axxess AXLOC-150A (2 Channel max 150W input) which I think will work. From what I can tell, they should be 70w per channel to the sub. Does that sound like it should work?
Does anyone know what the stock Watts per Channel is through the 4 lines that connect to the stock amp for the Pioneer Sub? Dont wanna pull the trigger on the LOC and wiring for a 2nd battery unless I know, really trying not to accidentally blow the new Amp Im adding in but I don't wanna get something too powerful and have too low power getting to the amp
Nvm, im just confused entirely
Just bought a 2nd battery and some amp stuff. Should be getting that set up New Years weekend
Bottle Drinkware Fluid Automotive tire Liquid
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